Gravel simulation training route

training for SBTGRVL and need some simulation rides with climbing… UGH!! Looking for some routes in Boulder area that will have gravel climbs that could be manageable for a non climber. 3-5 hour loops or so.

I’m sure Frank can chime in with some suggestions as I haven’t been out there in a while. But a good loop could be up Fourmile to Gold Hill and down Sunshine Canyon. That seems to be a Favorite.

Also if you keep going up Flagstaff you can ride on Gross Damn Rd up to Coal Creek Canyon, down Magnolia or Sugar Loaf and then up Fourmile to Gold Hill and down Sunshine for a bigger loop.

I know there are a lot of of options, but mostly all climbing even for non climbers. Just make sure you have proper gearing. It will help training on the climbs come SBTGVRL!

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Use and the Route Planner to plan out your training ride. You literally use your mouse along the road and route and then the website displays distance , climbing, elevation grade, total elevation climbed.

Then you can move that route over to your garmin/bolt to use for directions while you are out riding/

There’s also good terrain in South Denver around Deer Creek


Another great resource for laying out gravel training loops is This user supported site is used to build out a nationwide inventory of gravel roads. Check it out. You can build your own route in gravelmap and do a GPX export to your every day route mapping software. I have pulled gravelmap route files into Garmin and MapMyRide with no issues. Cheers.