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Hello; So this has been a very busy last month. Thanks to all the training, I had the best race I ever did at Canadian CX Nationals and won the silver medal. I followed that up with a win in the non-championship race the next day, and then did Pan Ams a week later. That was a brilliant technical course where I learned much but didn’t place as well. A lot of travel was involved in that whole trip, and I think I underestimated the effect of it. Since returning, I’ve been sore and tired. I’ve done two races, but can’t seem to get my head in the game again, and while I’m now acing the technical stuff, it seems all of my power is gone, along with my enthusiasm, with just two weeks to go before Nats. Can you help me get it together and pull off one more great race this year for Friday the 13th? I’m proposing to take the next three days off and go into full recovery mode, then get going with the Thanksgiving training block. I’m not going to race on the weekend before Nats, so your suggestions of what to do instead would be most welcome. The next race I would do would be the non-championship race on Tues Dec 10. On Thanksgiving Day, I probably can only get away with 90-120 minutes, so would be grateful if you would suggest the best way to shorten that workout. Thanks guys! Geraldine

Hey Geraldine!

Congrats on your fish at Canadian CX nationals! Solid result! Got to get that gold next year and move up a step. Also on the win the following day. Sounds like you peaked perfectly!

Yeah travel can be very tough! It does take a lot of you especially towards the end of the year here. Fist thing to remember is that you don’t lose all your fitness in a week. So you are still strong it most likely does come down to some much needed rest. Especially if you have not been getting enough sleep, food and etc. With travel, time changes and etc that can be tough.

So some off days here won’t be the worse thing. I would be careful with over doing your huge block planned over Thanksgiving weekend. Getting in the riding and efforts if you feel good will be great. You will be a that two week window where you can still get some benefits, but over doing it would just derail everything. I would go a little shorter the first two days and see how you come out of that. If still feeling good than continue as is into the weekend.

After that it’s all about staying sharp and taper. You don’t need huge hours or tons of riding this time. At this point you are a week out. So just do a few hard short efforts to stay sharp and keep from going flat. Continue to work on your skills a bit as well.

You just need rest it sounds like. Hopefully after a day or two you will snap out of this late season funk. Most of us have been there. Too many panic and train too hard through it and make things worse. The good thing is you can get some rest now and have this Thanksgiving time to put in some nice training.

If anything comes up let us know!

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Hi @gevolympia. Sounds like a great season! How could you do Canadian Nats and now do US Nats? Dual citizenship? Just curious. Do you have any local folks who are in the same boat as you that might want to mix it up outside a few more times before Nats for some hot laps? If not, some short intense intervals always did he trick for me. 15m warm up, 4 or 5 sets of VO2 efforts 4m on x 4m off then cool down. Tabatas are great, too. If you are doing CX Nats in Tacoma, don’t forget your running!

Hi Brandon and Jake; Thank you for the support and training ideas to finish strong this season. I’m already starting to feel some enthusiasm building again. I think your points about staying calm are well taken, and we are going to get in a team practice on the Nats course this weekend, which will be great fun. Its been very dry and near freezing so the course will be bumpy. There is hope though as it is supposed to start raining again next week. I will look for you in Lakewood - will you have a Fascat tent?

I do have dual citizenship. It’s a bit complicated, and we ended up convening a call between Cycling Canada and USA Cycling officials to make sure it was all okay as my daughter also races UCI categories and we especially didn’t want to put that in jeopardy. My racing license is through USA Cycling and lists the USA as my racing country. This allows me to race at US Nationals. In Canada, I am allowed to compete in the championship race in my category, but if I won the race, I would not be entitled to the official champion title, and would not win the coveted jersey. For that I would have to change my racing country to Canada, in which case I would not even be allowed to race at US Nationals. I will have to decide what to do for the next few years as that maple leaf jersey could be within reach (but so is a podium at US Nats).


You bet! Glad to do my best to help. This time of the year can be tough on many levels. Fascat will not have a tent at CX Nats. Perhaps next year!

Re: dual citizenship. I thought that might be the case!

I’m happy to hear that! Some rides on course with the team will be motivating as well! It’s hard sometimes to get through those tough times, but good to think about rationally and figure what will help you best.

Again good luck to you at nationals! Be sure to let us know how it goes!