CTL for 47 yr old male

I know I heard it discussed on one of the podcasts but can’t remember which. What CTL am I “aiming” for as a 47 yr old male?


In the 90’s Peak and in the 80’s once your season starts.



Thanks for the response. Well that’s not exactly what I wanted to see. :slight_smile: TP has me at 48 (although my 6 weeks ago I’m showing a 0 as I was on vacation so I’m guessing I’m probably low 50’s). At the end of this week I will be averaging 420ish TSS per week over the last 5. Next week will be down as it’s a race week. I can’t imagine doing much more TSS to drive it considerably higher. But you never know until you try. We’ll give it a go.

Yea it takes time - more than 6 weeks to build up a considerable base. Plus your CTL goes down while on vacation.

18 weeks is our recommendation embodied in our 18 weeks to sweet spot plan. You can always keep building after your race. That’s what our individual sweet spot plans 1, 2, & 3 are for + CX Summer Sweet Spot and our MTB Marathon Sweet Spot . Lotta sweet spot :sunglasses:

I just meant 6 weeks because I saw that TP says that’s what they use to calculate it. I’ve been on my plan (different platform) since December 1. (obviously not enought) Will be jumping here for my next cycle. Have to figure out my dates yet. BTW. Love the sweet spot. :slight_smile:

You may have your PMC Chart set up wrong then. but also since you were ‘on another platform’ I can’t speak to how good of a build for CTL that would have been…


Make sure you have the right dates set for starting to measure CTL includes starts and constants too

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