Building to Cyclocross via Mountain biking

Hi Fascat’s. Just snagged a sweet deal on 18 weeks Sweet Spot plan using the Valentine’s promo… thank you! I’m ramping for Cyclocross, but have changed focus a wee bit after our tentative provincial MTB series was literally just released (fingers crossed).

I’m sitting at CTL of 78 already and noticed if I start the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot, my CTL is going to dip quite a bit heading into the first few MTB races. I’m 45 so might be able to max out around 95 CTL so my question is with the MTB series going from May 23 (13 weeks out) to July 11, should I do the last 7 weeks of my 18 weeks of Sweet Spot, then jump into intervals for XC MTB program 6 weeks out from race day and then finish with XC MTB in season? This would still give me time for a reset for CX using my CX plan I bought last year.


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Yes - this is exactly right. Then I would take a mid-season break (a reset) after your last MTB race and get into the Six Weeks till CX plan :muscle:

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