Confirmation TSS Long ride weekend

Good Morning / or Night fellow Riders and Fascat

I would need to confirm if I import a ride equivalent to the TSS required for a weekend ride, but shorter in time as prescribed (Weekend ride plan required 2:30min) but the imported ride is just 2 hours but should hit the required TSS. Is this possible as an option? or not recommended?

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If you hit your TSS that is called for earlier than expected then bam, you’re golden! If you want to finish the ride time that is called for (2.5 hours) you can, but try to stick to endurance. Otherwise you did your job! However, if you have a standard endurance ride then definitely do the time called for. If the ride is a TSS ride (mentioned in the title) then ride for TSS.

-Coach Allie


Dear Allie
Many thanks for your reply
Yes now I understand it
I was already during the workout so I decided to complete the 2:30 min workout and to my amazement I increased my TSS required from 160 to 200 TSS

Is this means I over did it ? I feel ok with some muscle fatigue but tomorrow I have another 2 hr and I’m sure should be ok

Many thanks for your support

Best regards

If you feel okay, odds are you will do just fine tomorrow! As you get fitter, it will be easier for you to handle more time in the saddle. However, if for some reason you feel a bit fatigued, you can always pull your TSS down a bit for sundays ride so that you are recovered in time for tuesdays workout.