Weekend Rides unsure how to proceed

Hi FasCat and fellow Riders

I hope you can help me. I am completely confused how to do my weekend ride.
I have the 2:30 ride with a flat ride but is recommended to ride SS

“ Don’t worry about intervals today rather use the group to push you for a sweet spot effort. In other words, take pulls on the front @ Sweet Spot.

Hold wheels (riding with stronger riders)

Use the terrain to modulate your power in the sweet spot

You can also ride out in the wind (not tucked in a draft) to achieve sweet spot

Take Sweet Spot Pulls”

I am cycling 100% inside and even the manual modification of the chart will not provide the requirements

How do you ride your long ride weekend?
Do you select a route on Zwift/Rouvy?
Do you make your own route?

Many thanks for all your knowledges and responses

Best regards

my understanding is get the required TSS in those 2.5 hours by doing sst in one or several time blocks of your own choosing.


I create my own route within Training Peaks based on hitting the target TSS with a steady state (no intervals) SS effort.