Planned ride time vs description ride time

I searched the Facebook page and found a similar question, but the answer didn’t show for me. I’m following the 18 week SS plan and I’m in the 16th week of the plan. It’s a regeneration week and the ride for Sat. shows 3 hours, 178TSS, but the description says, “Ride on the shorter side today (< 2 hours) per your Regeneration Week.” It’ll likely take me 3 hours to reach 178 TSS. Do I ride less than 2 hours as per the description or ride for 3 hours? Thanks as always for the great advice!!

Must be a typo - go with what’s in the title (3 hours & 175 TSS). Paging Coach @Isaiah for the training plan edit!

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On it! Thanks for the heads up @s.j.hime!


I figured it was follow the TSS instead of the ride time. Thank you for the feedback!!

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I have a similar question concerning the TSS in the title vs. the TSS in the description. I am following the 18 week Sweet Spot - Advanced plan and there are different TSS in some of the Saturday group rides e. g. in week 6, 7 or 11.

Should I generally rely on the planned TSS in the title and ignore the description or vice versa?

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