Coaching Subscription?

Hey Coaches,

I have a couple of questions about your Coaching Subscription for $39 per month and how it works. If I sign up do you help pick the plan sequence depending on my specific goal(s) like Haute Route Asheville etc? Also are the training plans part of the subscription, or do I need to purchase the plans separately.

I did just purchase the Weight Lifting for Cycling plan the other day and should have FTFP instead of adding too many weights in the beginning! I am freaking sore! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help!

We are happy to help you decide what plan is best for! The forum is a great place to post that question. You can also listen to our podcast and read our training tips. Starting the offseason with weights is the best way to start. Then you will want to move into more of a base program with our sweet spot plans before moving into a race / event specific program.

With the coaching subscription we can help either making adjustments to this plan to fit your schedule, look at training files and analyze them and giving feedback. This can be great if you have vacations plan, a non traditional work schedule, races, training camp, and etc that you would like to fit with the plan.

Yeah it is funny how sore you can get with just a little bit of weight! You can easily lift more right now, but your body will pay for it tomorrow. Take your time increasing then weight. Get in some light spinning before and after which should help.

Thank you Jake for the quick response. So do I need to buy the recommended training plans on top of the monthly subscription fee or is the recommended plans included as part of $39? Sorry to ask for further clarification on this I just want to make sure I understand how it works. For the record I have been binge listening to the podcasts…very informative to say the least!

Here’s a little more:

Overall the Coaching Subscription is a resource to help you #FtFP better :sunglasses:

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Yes you need to purchase the plan separately. The coaching subscription compliments it and can help it fit you better.