2021 marathon mtb nationals

So just found out marathon mtb nationals is coming to the east coast, and I want to do it! I completed the marathon ss plan in the spring to prep for whiteface, that never happened. So I’m 10 weeks out from the race, I’m just starting to come onto really good Olympic distance form. But in order to prep for nationals I was going to do 3-4 weeks of polarized ss 4 and then 7 weeks of marathon mtb plan or do 6 weeks of the 100 mile mtb race plan. Which one would you recommend? Does anyone have course details yet of the race?

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Hi Chad - think you are on the right track with

Sweet Spot Part 4 > Sweet Spot Marathon MTB :muscle: While I don’t have course details - its Maryland so suffice it to say no sustain climbing greater than 3-5 minutes (?)

Thanks, @FRANK ! Looking forward to this training!