Balance Board Question

I saw a question on the Revolution Balance Board, but did not seeing any context – do you guys recommend this in your training plan somewhere or how to use it?

Yes - it is in our ‘Nino’s circuit training’

found in our off season resistance training plans + cx & MTB plans

Thank you! Time to move on to MVP’s plan though!

I highly recommend working this into your training, even if not part of Nino’s! I focus on MTB and CX, and since working the balance board in I feel like the hips are a lot more active when off road, like a kind of neuromuscular activation that wasn’t there before. Maybe it’s also coming from experience, but it seems like the balance board “woke up” the hips and my handling on the bike is a lot better. Would have bit it twice on Saturday when the front wheel washed out but I was leaning correctly so just kept riding instead of dusting myself off.

Frank - on the revolution web page they no longer have anything called a “balance board” only… I understand they are all balance boards, however, Can you guide us on the exact product name recommended… ?

This is the one I use the “Revolution Fit”

Pro tip - if you start on short carpet or a yoga mat its easier to balance initially and then we get improve you can do it over hardwoood or concrete floor to make it more challenging

Thank you. My off season started today with strength plan and base.

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Giddy up @bretthedges

Would one of the lower priced “wobble boards” work as well as a regular balance board? I’m thinking something like: Wobble Board

I don’t think so, that is a different type of balancing - not as challenging as the Revolution balance board

I just bought the Revolution a week ago and it’s as good of a board as you can buy, quality wise. It’s also wider (front/back) then most boards so it allows you to do a wider range of exercises with it. Some of the cheaper boards on amazon are deceptively small and cheap which is why I ultimately spent the $ on the revolution. It’s also got a good weight to it, so just solid construction. I don’t know that it’s worth $180 but it seems to be the best board you can get. Now that I have it I don’t regret getting it and that’s usually my sign it was a good purchase.

I just got my revelation balance board this week. I can’t balance on it quite yet for more than about 30 seconds without one end touching but I’m obsessed with it. It’s in my family room and I can’t stay off of it! This thing was expensive but worth it. The 3 different balance things are great as they give you some progression in difficulty. If I had to start with the cylinder (hardest) I’d have trouble.

Pro Tip (because I couldn’t balance on it at first either) start with the 1/2 foam thing and progress to the full roller but when you do put it on a yoga mat or on carpet and that will slow the roller down and give you a chance to learn and develop better balance, enjoy!

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