Nino's Secret Training

I’m working with Coach Allie and she has on my schedule to do Nino’s Secret Plan. The workout requires a lot of specialty equipment that isn’t cheap or easy to obtain. What are some alternatives to the workouts and the equipment used so that you can still get similar benefits?

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If you buy one thing buy the balance board!!

You can make do with smaller weights/dumbbells/kettlebells for any workout that doesn’t require the balance board!

Keep up the good work!

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Foundation Training is amazing for athletes, can be free if you just use their YouTube content. Or buy the book(s). Or join annual streaming subscription for about $100. Way less complicated than the Nino stuff. It works for him because it’s his stuff. A few kettlebells and Foundation Training will work wonders.

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Do you do Foundation Training instead of or in addition to off-season weight training? I’ve done a little, and it seems pretty effective.