Bad Posture from Cycling/Lower Cross Syndrome

Hi Fascats,

I just listened to Colby Pearce’s podcast on cycling and posture issues and how they can lead to the development of Lower Cross Syndrome. My posture is terrible, and as Colby points out, cycling doesn’t help. I need an intervention. More specifically, I need an assessment of my posture and muscle imbalances and a corrective program that I can do daily to nip this in the bud. Any suggestions on practitioners who could help with this? I live in the Boulder/East County area. Thanks!

I recommend checking out Coach E at Precision Movement online. I’ve been doing his “Hip Control” module (on week seven) and have found it very clearly helpful for my mobility. He has multiple programs available, is well trained, experienced, and gives videos and stuff to help. You can pick problem areas and go from there. He also has an app called ROM coach (range of movement coach) that you can do if you don’t want to buy a program.


Thanks Zach. I’ve been using Dynamic Cyclist for the last month or so to help with my posture and mobility issues, along with some PT. Both have helped a bunch. Dynamic Cyclist is subscription based, but it’s only $10/month, which is a screaming deal given the variety of programs included. As a masters rider, it’s clear to me now that I need whole-body functional strength training and mobility work year-round if I want to feel good on and off the bike and beyond.

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Do either of these programs do an assessment? Or, we guess what our needs are?

Ed K

To the extent that you would do with a PT in person, no, you don’t get that when you purchase a module. But I think it’s hard to go wrong because it’s mobility, strength, and functionality for the whole joint area that you target, and he explains things well. In a way, it was good for me because instead of going, “What do I do for my left adductor??” I just focused on the overall, 360 degree approach to hip control, which obviously helps left adductor. It worked without having to be so focused in on minor details. That said, you can access the team, that’s very responsive, you can access the FB group, and you can pay more for individualized stuff (which I haven’t done).