Quad Injury - Boulder/Denver Area Physical Therapy and Bike Fit

I’ve been competing as a mountain biker for about 15 years and have been working through first injury that isn’t from a crash. It’s lower quad pain towards the inside of my knee that started in January during a training plan. I went to PT for a few months, made some changes, and got pretty much back to 95%.

I’m eager to start training again but after getting a new pair of shoes (same model) and new cleats (same brand), I can tell that it’s exacerbating the old issue. The PT I went to was a running expert, and I’d also like to get a real bike fit. I think the best thing is to go to someone local with good PT and bike fit expertise. Are there any good recommendations for this in the Boulder Denver Area? There’s a huge range of the cost and the most expensive/exhastive fits don’t seem to be done by PTs. I obviously still have a bit of recovery to go (or need chronic injury help), so I don’t believe a bike fit alone is the cure.


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You know those REVO band exercises we give you in your training plan? Goto REVO Physiotherapy :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

Dane and Matt are excellent bike fitter la and injury rehab physical therapists. They will get you going again!

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