Another FTFP Question....kind of!

Given the recent podcast and temps soaring across the board I thought this may have some relevance. Its not really a FTFP question as I am going to do the prescribed intervals either way. Its really a heat humidity question on when do you bail on doing them outside vs just saying the heck with it and do them indoors.

Is there a percentage of HR increase or power decrease that just doesn’t make sense for the perceived exertion? Should you just do them at the low end of your zones and call it a day? #FTFP #SUCKITUP :slight_smile:

No real percentage you should take off. Really just go off perceived exertion and heart rate. I would recommend doing the first effort or two at the lower end of the target range. Once you go over when its hot there is really no coming back. You still want to be in the zone you are training to get those adaptations.

You can do them outdoors or indoors. Ideally you would do the efforts first thing in the morning when it is its coolest or later in the evening. Avoid doing them in the middle of the day. I’ve had some athletes do the intervals indoors and ride 30 - 45 minutes of zone 2 afterwards outdoors.

But remember you can’t avoid the heat in races so you will want to be prepared and adapted to making those efforts while hot and how to manage.


Thank you Jake for the suggestions. I am definitely not looking to escape the heat per se as I enjoy hot weather. Especially after a long winter! Just want to make sure I don’t dig a whole and not catch up for next few days of training. Thanks again!

@PowerHungry if you do enjoy the heat and want to ride in the middle of the day, I’d save that for your endurance sessions and like Coach Jake said, try to do your interval days at the coolest point of the day- you don’t want to compromise those key sessions.


Thank you Coach Andrew!