Alternatives for "Practice Course" WKOs

Hello! Brand new to FasCat and just purchased the interval plan and I was surprised at how much “CX practice course” type workouts there are. For me, that’s not realistic. I’m sure there are others in a similar situation. How do you work around it or modify? My skills are decent relative to my fitness, so I was thinking/hoping the interval plan would be focused more on the power end of things. Thanks!

Welcome! Everyone in the world can stand to practice and improve their skills. From Jolanda Neff and Katerina Nash to Eli Iserbyt and Toon Aerts down to us common Joe’s skills pay the bills.

Therefore, there is a BIG difference between raw power intervals and making power and go fast while executing a technical skill. Therefore #FtFP!!

What about Valley Falls Park? Or any other place you’ve raced locally? Usually a school or any nearby park has everything you need to make up your own cx course to practice your skills

Yeah, I can totally practice skills, but not necessarily as it is prescribed in the plan… Setting up a “course” would be time prohibitive, especially with dwindling daylight.