Post Here If you Can't Login the Forum and are a plan customer

We have found a glitch in our forum access for customers who bought a plan prior to May 2019 - post your username here and we’ll add you manually, thanks :pray:

Thanks, Frank!

I’m experiencing this glitch: m.vareschi

Me too.
Thanks Frank, Sasha.

Hi Frank- I’m experiencing this problem too. Thanks


All set you all - anybody else just let me know and I’ll grant you access on the backend, thanks!

Hi Frank – I am having the same issue as well – even through I recently just bought the 6 Weeks to Cyclocross program. I think I let the link expire.

My username is my email

Dave Cencer
Cadillac, MI

All set Dave - but double check :white_check_mark:

Me too. Username is mcunn7. Thanks!

All set :white_check_mark: sorry about that :muscle::sunglasses:

Me three, username is emailmaloney. Thanks!

Welcome! You are all set. Try it out!

Good to go — thanks Frank!!

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Changed email address and I can’t access forum posts now.

New email rburtoncpa @

You should be all set now.

hey guys, i just bought a plan and cannot access any of the “private” topics, including how to Start the Plan
My username is mikednight

All set @mikednight and also check the email we sent you with instructions - click ‘accept the plan’ and apply the plan from your training plan library in TrainingPeaks.


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It looks as though I have the same glitch, not able to login to Forum.
Steven Pippin

All set @steven.pippin! Post and ask away :nerd_face:

I’m in the same boat as well - not able to view any private topics. My username is mollbrown. Thanks in advance for your help!

All set now @mollbrown - welcome and sorry for the inconvenience!