A Conversation with Steamboat Gravel Founder, Mark Satkiewicz

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In case you’ve been living underneath a rock, gravel racing is hot AF right now. It’s registration season for the 2020 calendar, and races are filling up faster than a Walmart on Black Friday. One of our favorite races of 2019 and a first year event in our backyard, Steamboat Gravel, was a smashing success and it’s back with more ambition and awesome for next year. Frank sat down with one of the brains behind the event, Mark Satkiewicz to chat about the state of gravel racing, how SBTGRVL went this year, and what new changes to expect in 2020. Plus a special VIP deal for Fascat listeners to register for next year’s race. For all things SBTGRVL, check out https://sbtgrvl.com/ and we’ll see in Steamboat!

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Great episode. I only regret not doing it last year. What was the VIP deal for Fascat listeners? I heard the ones for last year’s participants, inviting additional female athletes and LeadBeat, but not anything for listeners. Time in episode?


Hey @ibike - my mistake, I wrote the post wrong and meant to say a special VIP entry for last year participants.

Bummer. Thanks @Jackson