Announcing the FasCat Coaching Gravel Team

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We’re starting a gravel team! That’s right, the FasCat Coaching Gravel Team will be a thing this year, and we’re here to tell you all about it! Coaches Frank, Jake, Isaiah, and Jackson will be traveling to six gravel events this year, including Mid-South, Belgian Waffle Ride, Dirty Kanza, Crusher in the Tushar, Steamboat Gravel, and Rebecca’s Private Idaho. With the help of some awesome brand partners, a sweet FasCat sprinter van, and an Apple Genius Bar-esque expo set up, we’ll be out at the races walking the walk to help you get faster. We’ll be providing expert level guidance on training, nutrition, and equipment, providing Normatec recovery, and more.

The goal is to engage with YOU, the race participants to share war stories from the races, connect with the awesome gravel community, represent our brand partners, and support your training and racing goals. For all things gravel team related, including the team, more on our brand partners, and training, check out our page at

The FasCat Gravel Team is made possible by our fantastic podcast listeners, training plan customers, forum users, and our amazing brand partners:

Excel Sports

Cervelo Bicycles


GU Energy



HED Wheels

We’ll see you on the groads!


This is SO Cool! Congrats Frank and crew for getting this together and all the sponsor support, y’all deserve it!! Maybe you guys could put together a few community organized / training rides for even more exposure and networking. That FasCat Expo would do very well in the Buffalo Creek parking lot for a tour of Wellington Lake to Deckers or out in front of Avery Brewing for a cruise around the rez. to Boulder Roubaix course… I’m sure lots of us would love to ride with you!