A Big Texas Thank You!

Big Cat, @FRANK,

This is my third year with Fascat. Each year, I grow, I learn and I get better

Thank you for your guidance… your availability… your responsiveness… and your passion for making people faster. I asked about what to do if 'Cross is cancelled. You wrote an article, you posted a podcast and even answered a ton of questions. I took all of that in and stuck to the plan!

As you predicted, there could still be a chance of some ‘modified events’… I’m so lucky Texas did not disappoint and was able to bring a few ‘socially distanced’ events. I rose to the occasion by posting some of my best performances ever, 1) because I ftfp’ed and 2) I was ready, doing all the things I should have been doing. I had back-to-back wins (which I’ve never had before).
And this past weekend, at the 2020 Grand Nationals race (OK/TX State Championships), I placed a best-ever 2nd just behind a guy who has podi’d multiple times at multiple CX Nationals events. I know I could not have accomplished that without you!!

Thanks again, I am fired up for next year and hope to make 2021 even better with Fascat!!

-Dave G


Nice Job Dave G! I know Paul Bonds well. He is a beast! Lawrence Gibson (3rd) is also super fast, so congrats, you must have been flying!

I have trained with Coach Frank for a few years now and have seen similar results! Third for me in 50+

I think we raced each other in Austin…


Awesome, @chrisschmiedeke. Just behind Pattie and Kane… great job.


Great going fellas! This is what happens from FtFP’ing! ahahaa.

Enjoy the cx off season - you’ve earned it

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