Masters Dream Opportunity

Hi Team!

Age 44, started racing bikes in '82. For the past 10 years,
I have focused 100% and #ftfp all year for CX. This is my 4th year with fascat… and I’ve seen INCREDIBLE gains these past 4 years.

So my question: have I tapped all I can out of myself at this point… is there more, better, different elements one can do if afforded the opportunity to ‘train like a pro’ and reach national-level super wide-angle podium chances? :wink:

Thank you.

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44 and retired. Love it! (For reference: I have won 4 masters cx nats jerseys, and been on the podium several other times.) Off the top of my head, here are three things you could be missing :

1.) Skills (cx specific, cornering, bunny hopping, riding in mud, snow, sand. etc)
2.) Race tactics based on your competition, the course and race-day goals
3.) Equipment (bikes, wheels, tires)

Lots to unpack here!


I will add onto what Brandon said and say #4 - a coach :wink:
There is a reason even the best in the world have one!


Plus 1 & 2 of ^^ @Brandon & @Lacey_Rivette plus give yourself not one season but 2 or three to achieve your goal.

And if you want to learn from the maestro, coaching will increase your chances to not only make it happen, but make it happen sooner :


@Brandon Great tips! Thank you, sir… specifically about skills: I’ve noticed a LOT of guys recently able to hop barriers. Do you recommend the juice is worth the squeeze to learn to do that?

Also, I am curious about coaching… based on reccomends from @Lacey_Rivette and @FRANK is there room on your roster? Maybe I can pick your brain :brain: full time!! :wink:

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