8 Weeks In and Still Alive

Just finished the week 8 field test (On Zwift cause it’s just above 0F outside). Six watt or 2.7% bump in ftp in the first 8 weeks. If I can get another 2.5% in the next 8 I’ll be happy for and old dude. Hoped for a bit more but slow and steady, ftfp. Only 4 watts off the highest I’ve ever tested already.

Yes, the test was scheduled for Saturday but it was preempted and moved to Friday due to warmer weather this weekend and the buddies want a 4 hour fat bike ride. Who could say no, I’ve got to ride the trainer.


Nice work.

Was your previous field test done outdoors or also on Zwift?

Both on Zwift. Too dang cold outside until this week. Hope to get a couple training rides on gravel until the return of snow and real cold Friday.