5 weeks sitting on the couch!

So I crashed 5 weeks ago, which caused me to be on the couch for the last 5 weeks…zero exercise. I’m just starting to ride (inside) and of course my power is way low compared to my HR. Is it best to just do a couple weeks of endurance rides based on HR in the beginning and get the HR to power ratio a bit more back to normal before I dive back into some plans and/or do a test? I’m doing upper recovery power (from before the crash) and my HR is lower tempo!


Hey @humunuku - yes, getting an easy start is a good idea. The length of time/advice I’d give you really depends on what your goals are. Do you have any races planned?

Also… don’t be too worried about the power. It will come back you just need to give you body time and stay consistent :slight_smile: