3 hour SS base rides on the trainer?

Hey guys,

I’ve set my Sweet Spot base plan back 5 weeks since my first A race was cancelled. I’m going to ride outside whenever I can, but have had some crummy luck with weather.

Between weather and a possible ban on riding outside (similar to what Italy did), how should we supplement our 3-4 hour weekend rides if they need to be done indoors? Would there be a good kJ or TSS goal to achieve in order to be productive?

Yes target good TSS with loads of sweet spot. The further away you are from a race, which for everyone is quite some time, the more you can cut back on the indoor trainer ride. We discussed this a lot in the forum this winter. Look to do 2 hours if you can with as much sweet spot / tempo as possible. This will increase the workload while still keeping it an aerobic based workout.

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