Max HR in training peaks

I’ve always used my max HR number based on the highest number I can hit at any point in time. There’s not a lot of info online of this is the way to actually determine it for strava/TP. So I have my max HR at 191 or 193 in TP because I’ve hit that in a race and rides throughout the year.

My question is, should I be using my max heart from longer then just 1,5,10 seconds. Should my max HR number be based on a longer effort but shorter then the threshold number. In my 1.5-2 hr races I avg 181-183 every single race. So that’s what I have in the threshold field in TP. JUst want to make sure I’m not using to high a number in the max

You should base your heart rate training zones based on your hour heart rate average. When you do that it doesn’t really matter what you put as your max.

When you are fatigued or in a training cycle sometimes it is hard to hit your max heart rate so you won’t always see that number.

We only use 6 heat rate zones
Zone 1: Recovery < 55% of Threshold heart rate
Zone 2: Endurance 55 - 75% of Threshold heart rate
Zone 3: Tempo 75 - 90% of Threshold heart rate
Zone 4/5: Sweet Spot 88 - 97% of threshold heart rate
Zone 4: Threshold 95 - 105% of threshold heart rate
Zone 5:Vo2 max > 105% of Threshold heart rate

In that zone 5 is your anaerobic efforts as well, but those aren’t going to be done based on heart rate they are full gas, so you are going as hard as you can regardless. Also with anaerobic efforts you may not hit your peak on the first 2 - 3 efforts as it takes time for the heart rate to respond.

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Hmm. I have to use heart TSS for all of my outdoor rides. Some of the long Z2 rides from the last training plan I had from you I was really in higher part of Z3. I think I might have calculated my HR bags when outside using my max and not threshold. Interesting. No wonder the last Z2 ride I did kind of hurt at the end

Yeah try using heart rate based on threshold. Also there will be some cardiac drift on longer rides and especially in the heat! Notice this easily when comparing heart rate with power. Power will be zone 2 while heart rate may climb above especially as the ride gets longer and fatigue sets in. Also use perceived exertion.