Winning in the Kitchen Granola Recipe!

In our last Winning in the Kitchen Podcast, we talked about making your own granola to use as a snack since many of the store bought brands contain processed sugars and refined oils…

Now we have a quick and easy granola recipe to recommend for you all too. Head over to the blog to check it out!

We would also love to hear suggestions for recipes that you would find most helpful, so drop us a comment below with your suggestions!


Thanks and welcome Lacey!


I just made this two days ago. My entire family loves it (which means it likely won’t last long.


Is this link no longer available?

Try one more time David, it should be working!

Awesome. I’m looking forward to trying it out. Thank you!


This is awesome. Thank you Lacy.
Making it today. With hopes I’ll have some left for the weekend.

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