Weight Lifting for Cycling

Hi @stevensonspencer3 - mid March is 4 1/2 months away so plenty of time to do quite a lot training wise.

My coaching advice is to get in the weight room asap so you can finish the 10 weeks of weights up and move onto building your sweet spot base. Do the sweet spot marathon for the six weeks leading into your race.

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How am I supposed to do an explosive rep on the leg press?! Doesn’t that mean I will end up locking my knees or losing contact with the sled?

You have to be careful to not slam the leg press against the stops otherwise the gym owner will kindly ask you to leave :wink:

I recommend emphasizing the speed of the movement at the bottom of the lift but stopping short of full on slamming it up (and gym owner asking you to stop)

So image-wise, I should be targeting a jump where my feet just barely leave the ground (i.e. sled in this case)?

Haha. I hope we are not speaking from experience here.

First time on the forum. Please re-direct if necessary. Just starting the Weight Training for cyclists today. any mods for home training with barbells? No rack in the house…… thanks. Also weight recommendations for bar bells with squats etc? F 61,