Variability in SS workout

The target power in all the SS workouts are a constant number, say 200W. That is boring and difficult to stay alert on an indoor trainer. Also, in the real world I would never experience that steady state.

Is it possible to change up the SS block with variability? Some slight ramp-ups, drops and small changes in power. Could one edit the workouts to attain that variability? I assume the target would be to stay within the SS zone and workout TSS.

Is that something you would consider in future workouts you create?


In our sweet spot plans there are sweet spot burst, crisscross, and over under workouts as well as the steady state sweet spot intervals. So there are workouts that have that variability. Typically it is at least one of these a week. Also this is the idea behind group ride sweet spot rides. The power is hardly steady in a group ride and you can break down the efforts based on hills, wind, pulls and etc.

Yes anytime you have to do even these variable workouts, sweet spot will have the same target number, but that is because it is set to the middle of your sweet spot zone. Feel free to ride anywhere in the range 88 - 97% of your FTP. This is why we tell athletes not to ride on erg mode. Erg will set it right at 200, a specific number. This is unrealistic in the real world.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I forgot about turning ERG off. Dah.

Thanks Jake.

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