Unbound XL (formerly DK XL)

Hey Fascat team!! Love the plans…been using them for years. Have a new challenge for 2021, and would love some guidance on which plans to string together. …Unbound Gravel XL (formerly DK XL)…350 miles of gravel goodness. I’m guessing a lot of sweetspot work with long weekend rides, occasional overnight rides to get used to riding in the dark? Would you add any of the gravel plans to it?


Awesome @irishalanwhite - you are going to want to increase your riding, hours, CTL/Training Load progressively as prescribed in our 18 weeks of sweet spot plan.

You could even lift weights now then move onto the sweet spot training. Do that all the way up until 6 weeks prior to Unbound and then switch over to our Gravel Training Plan,

For the simulation rides obviously go LOOOONG to replicate the XL. GOOD LUCK!