Triathlon Plan - but with alpine climbing?

First, coaches: I recognize that this is above and beyond the intention of the coaching subscription. But some of you Boulder mountain sport people might find this interesting.

I bought the SST for Half Ironman triathletes, and I fully intend to race a few Xterra’s later in the season, but for now I plan to limit my swimming. It’s something I intensely dislike and will only get in the pool closer to race day (or will open water swim when the temps are more reasonable).

My idea: for my “bachelor party” my best man and I are planning to do the “Longs Peak Triathlon” - a semi-unofficial multi sport FKT consisting of cycling from North Boulder to the trailhead of Longs Peak, running from the trail head to the base of the Diamond, climbing the Causal Route (moderate trad climbing) and then reversing the route back to Boulder. I feel the physiological demands are similar to a half IM, except the obvious substitution of speed climbing for swimming.

I was wondering if I could modify the SST for HIM plan do an easy Z2 run/scramble instead of Tuesday’s swim workout, and then climbing instead of swimming on Thursday’s swim-run double day? (I intend to throw in some additional social climbing/upper body strength as time allows, but this shouldn’t interfere with my ability to recover from the running and cycling).

Thoughts? Again, I appreciate that this is above and beyond the intention of the coaching subscription, and don’t expect a custom plan. (Hell, I might even mix in some ski touring as snow conditions allow.) I’m just hoping to bounce some ideas off of people. I know this is not FTFPing, but a private coach is out of my budget.