Power Data Review

Earlier this week I finished up my 16 weeks SS plan. I’ve felt stronger / faster over the last 6 - 8 weeks and FTP test and group rides have confirmed my improvement. Overall, super happy with the training plan and performance gains. Next up the Climbing Training Plan. Special s/o to coach Jake for adjusting my plan last month and to coach Frank for the training plan…(damn hippies in Boulder know their $#!T). I am not certain what the Power Data review entails, however I am curious to see if any adjustments should be / could be made to my Climbing Plan to enhance weaknesses in my power profile, primarily power between 7 - 15 min, which when the rode goes up frequently during a hilly / punchy group ride I struggle with at times. Thanks!


Hi Carlos - what specifically would you like us to review?

From your Performance Manager Chart, I see that your CTL is 57 which is a little low coming off the 18 weeks of SST plan. When I look closer at your calendar there are a lot of red days and your total weekly hours and TSS are on the low side.

Are you having trouble following the plan? That’s my #1 first suggestion. This will bring your CTL up higher and power output will increase accordingly.

Let us know if you have a specific q - but my best advice from reviewing your power data is to train more consistently :slight_smile:

I would like to have power file from 7/3/2019 analyzed - labeled Field Test

I put comments into trainingpeaks on the workout.

Great effort and nice improvement! You left it out all out there that is for sure!

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Can I get a review of my history on training peaks. I’ve been had approximately 4 months of data recorded from the power meter following the ss2 and cdr plans.
WKO says I’m a classic TT. Would like to keep improving my FTP and finish times on big group rides. Thank you
Drafeedie is my user name for training peaks

Welcome David - add help@fascatcoaching.com as your coach in your TrainingPeaks settings and we’ll be connected to your account to review your power data, thanks!

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I added the coaching link as instructed. Thanks for your help

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Hi David -

I see a lot of green and that you set a PR for your 20 minute field test June 4th @ 244w. You got your CTL up to 88 pre “Death Ride” which is also good.

I don’t subscribe to a piece of software telling you what type of cyclist you are. WKO is seeing that you’ve done a bunch of steady state threshold work for all the climbing at the death ride.

For figuring out what ‘type of cyclist’ you are - you probably already know - what are your strengths and conversely what are your weaknesses?

For group rides - I recommend some VO2 max intervals and anaerobic work. Both are found in our road intervals plan:

Let your CTL fall to the 70’s like it is now and hammer out some full gas VO2 max intervals. I bet you will start performing your group rides stronger AND you can measure your improvement from your normalized power as we describe here:

Hope that helps - let us know if you have any more Q’s!

Thank you so much. As I look at the last rides this fall, I’m already thinking about next year’s big rides. Do you think it’s possible to train for both the Triple Bypass ride in July then come back and do the Leadville 100 in August? As i’m new to this type of plan based training, I’m still not sure of the limits of your team’s wizardry in turning lead into gold!

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Oh absolutely @david.rafeedie - its just a matter of coming up with a plan and then following that plan, aka ‘FtFP’ing’ :slight_smile:

In fact when done properly, the Triple is great training for Leadville. Hope that helps !!