Fatigue, Recovery, TP Help

Just signed up for the coaching subscription. Previously coached outside of fascat through last CX season and went on the fascat tp’s over winter / spring with SS2, SS3, started part of SS4, before transitioning into crit interval plan with the original (but now unlikely goal) of Gateway Cup over Labor Day weekend. Still planning on keeping it on the calendar for something to focus on though.

Few weeks back I was feeling great, SS was easy peasy, felt super strong on the Wednesday night group ride ('rona has been keeping the group to 5-10 people) and could drive the front easily into threshold, V02 ranges repetitively with ease. Did a big ride for me at the end of June with a few select friends - 126 mi, 10,500ft of climbing and I was a bit over geared on the climbs and was grinding away a lot under 50rpm. Climbing efforts hard, but the rest was pretty tame.

Over the next couple weeks, workouts felt like I wasn’t on top of it. Tired, legs just meh. It has been very, very humid and hot here too. Into a recovery week now and just did 2x10’ full gas. Felt like crud. Efforts were hard (they should be!) but I’ve felt a lot better at this power.

Whoop hasn’t been green in a couple weeks. Either yellow or red. Today was 32% after two days off, 2hr endurance 3 days ago. Not basing everything off Whoop, but using it as additional information. HRV has been pretty low too. Resting HR has been about five beats above my normal for that couple week duration as well.

Nutrition has been steady and on point. No qualms there.

Not sure if ya’ll see anything glaring in my trainingpeaks or can provide some other thoughts? Trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together!

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Hi Patrick!

Welcome to the coaching subscription! I’m coach Jake and I handle most of these. So I am happy to help you out and get you squared away!

So there is quite a few things to unpack here and we can go through it step by step.

  1. Great job training this year and building up your fitness. Your CTL has increased nicely, built up a nice base and have transition from race to base. That is perfect and how we would design a personal plan. So you are good there!

  2. So we are in summer now and it is hot and humid! It sort of is like training indoors without a fan. Your power will decrease while the heart rate and perceived exertion will increase. If you look at your peak heart rate averages across all durations you have hit most in the past few weeks. This is most likely do to the heat. Also with the heat once you go into the red it is hard to recover. So you might not want to shoot for the highest range in the first few efforts of your rides. Let heart rate and perceived exertion be your guide as well as power.

  3. The ride you did at the end of June was pretty massive! It was a big ride and it appears you never really recovered from that effort. You basically went right into the following week as is and continued to push through efforts. Something that big may have required more rest. Usually when we have riders do something so big to following it up with regeneration week. Since you kept going you just kept digging that hole a little bit bigger. So even with just this one week now it maybe not enough to fully recover.

  4. We do highly recommend that all athletes take a midsummer break. It is hard to train throughout the whole year without a break. Your body needs that rest at some point. With Gateway up in the air and actually still pretty far off you might benefit from maybe a quick midseason break now. You could just take the rest of the week off and then repeat this regeneration week next week to help open back up and continue on. I would also not recommend doing a field test. Could just do some sweet spot. No reason to keep testing. I also notice you do quite a few ramp test. I would recommend not doing those so often.

  1. Its good to hear that nutrition has been on point. With it being hotter you will need to make sure you are getting more to drink. With your Whoop being low you have to look at outside factors as well. Make sure you are getting quality sleep and increase it if you can. Try to get more rest! Really think about how your rest has been going. It sounds like you have not been recovery with how you feel along with the whoop. So some solid rest maybe what you need.
  1. You still have been putting out good power! Even on your 10 minute efforts on yesterday you put out your 3rd best 5 minute effort. So you do have fitness you are just not fresh. A little freshness will help get you through these harder more intense intervals. As the saying goes, go easier so you can go harder.

So long story short I would recommend a little break. There is no reason not to do that at the moment. Gateway is a huge question mark and even if it does happen you would have a solid 5 - 6 weeks of training before it even starts and that is on top of the big base you already build.

If this sounds good to you I can go into your TrainingPeaks and shift things around for you and get you squared away. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Perfect! Thanks Coach Jake. It’s great to have an outside perspective in the plan. I try to detach myself and look at everything objectively, but last couple weeks have been frustrating! A work in progress to do such!

That big ride in June definitely was a bit of a curve ballin the plan. I had just been planning on a long ride of 4-5 hours with some SST solo that day, but then a few people were also heading out there and I didn’t know quite what they had in store until that day! Whoops! :slight_smile: Still fun stuff though.

Will keep the humidity - power decrease in mind. I always like to think I thrive in those conditions as I enjoy that weather, but maybe as I’m creeping older it may not enjoy me as much! Ha!

Yes, lets change things up in TP to get squared away and build for the future!

And thanks for the super quick reply! Impressive!!

Hi Patrick!

So I have dialed up your training the next couple of weeks. Starting this week with a little midseason break. Next week will be an easy zone 2 week and on the weekend maybe you can have a hard ride to help open back up. The following week I did put in a mix of aerobic and anaerobic efforts. This way you are just not coming off a break and jumping into Tabatas. That would be brutal! :joy: Though being fresh for those will be beneficial. But after that ‘opener’ week you will continue on with the criterium plan.

In another 4 weeks get back with us so we can touch base on how the previous weeks went, how you are feeling and discuss adjusting the plan if needed. If for whatever reason you are doing Gateway we can put in the proper taper for that at that time. But for now I just kept the workouts and plan as is.

It can help to have someone look over your training and give you some insights. A lot of times as athletes we always think more is better, that we should ride harder when all we really need is a bit of rest. I personally fall into this trap. You’ve been putting in the hard work and that is no doubt. You should finish this year finishing strong now!

awesome thanks Coach Jake! While it’s easy to look at the CTL going down, get wrapped up in the numbers game, I’m certain best for the long run. CTL was higher last year and felt great, but year to year not always the same.

Looking in TP, plan looks good. Looking forward to feeling the good sensations again on the next rides :slight_smile:

Optimistic about Gateway, but want to keep focus and have something to shoot for. Will definitely keep you posted and check in in a few.