TP and Zwift freeride

Do y’all know of a way to schedule a “freeride” block in zwift from a TP workout? (Free ride is where zwift turns off erg for a specific time block). I could see this as super useful for certain efforts (short hard efforts, recovery intervals where power is low but you want to stand, an endurance interval after some intervals or just any full gas effort). Ive seen screenshots of where people are using it, but dont know how to do it other than manually turn of erg, and that just puts the trainer in slope mode, so not exactly freeride.


The only option I know if is turning off erg which as long as you are not on one of the big climbs on zwift allows for you to then control output and gear choice. That is what I have done for years now and encourage my athletes to do as well for the examples you listed above.
As far as I know this is not possible in a TP workout builder export as an automatic function.

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I did play with putting a target of 0watts and that appears to automatically turn off erg for the segment…but of course, you need to add wo text to pop up to then tell you your power goals. kinda a work around, but screws up planned TSS in the workout.

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@humunuku you could replicate the workout and sub in the sections with a free ride block. This would get you an accurate TSS calculation at the end of the ride.

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