Sweet & Salty Brussels Bowl macros/caloris

Hi there! New to the weightloss plan and just made the Roasted Brussels bowl and the serving size seemed huge, so I input it all to myfitnesspal and came up with the following nutitional info. Does this look accurate? Seems like a lot of food in one serving?


Isnt it for 4 meals?

Yes it is. You’ll see that the serving size chart on the side is broken down appropriately per serving.

So i don’t understand your question then. Its only 522 calories per portion. Not much at all.


if you followed the directions you should be all set! Remember, the meals are for prepping for the week, so the 4 servings is correct, as well as the calories!

Thanks for being a FasCat!

Ok thanks. It was just when I filled the bowl it seemed like an giant sized serving. Certainly more than I’ve been eating in one serving, and I was gaining weight which isn’t the goal :slight_smile: But I’m guessing this is more about the content of the bowl and the type of food?


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