Steamboat Gravel Tire Choice

I’m doing the 100 mile race - can anyone recommend good tire options? I’m assumign 700x40 is the way to go. I was planning on possibly the Panaracer SK up front in a 40 – Panaracer Gravelking SK Tubeless Gravel Tire (Black) (700c) (35mm) [RF735-GKSK-B] | Tires & Tubes - Performance Bicycle

and the SS (superspeed) in the rear in a 40 –


Thanks- Mark

The gravel is pretty gucci - more farm roads than anything. I thin a 40 will be overkill and slow you down : a 35 mm Gravel King will be perfect:

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Here are two more ‘secret’ Steamboat equipment modifications


oh wow - ok I’ve been doing hard technical courses as of late - that sounds good as I’m familiar with that tire and start your steamboat training plan tomorrow.


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After watching the video I’m wondering if I should ride my supersix evo (34-35 max tire) with the 32mm panaracer’s (vs the 3t exploro with 35mm tires as I was planning)?

35mm is the safe bet against flatting + extra bike handling confidence .

But if you are confident in your tires + bike handling 32mm could work in a road bike


Hi Frank. Seems like the Gravel King is your fav for Colorado “gucci” gravel. Which specific model do you recommend? I’m currently running the 40mm Schwalbe G-One Allrounds and while they’re durable, I’d like something a little lighter.

I rode nearly new 38 mm Pathfinders with tubes on 55 psi. ~190lb combined me/bike/water. No flats :slight_smile:

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