Tubeless Tire Recommendations?

I have had a series of flats recently and because I have tubeless-ready wheels I am thinking about going full tubeless. I am a 200# rider is that ok? Does anyone have any tire recommendations? I am looking at the Excel Sports site and they have several options.

I know that this isn’t really training related, but my hemi powered engine needs some new tread and I figured there is no better place to get information than with the FASCAT Athletes.


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I don’t have a ton of experience with road tubeless as I just started using them in the last few months, and a lot of my riding has been done indoors as a result of the pandemic. My Continental GP 5000s have been fantastic when I have been out in the real world. No punctures and a very comfortable ride. Make sure to check out the guide(s) on recommended tire pressures. It’s likely a lot lower than you’re used to! For instance, I checked the guide on HED’s website (I have a set of HED Belgium + wheels) and based on my weight and tire width (25mm), I should be running about 67psi.

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I’ve used Schwalbe Pro Ones and 5000TL tubeless, and much preferred the GP - easier to fit and better road feel.
To save yourself some messes and headaches there are a few tools I wish I’d STARTED with before I coated various areas of the patio in latex splatter during my tubeless setup adventures.

Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack - spare your rim the stresses of levers and splashing

MilKit Tubeless fill system refill and top off sealant with some PSI still in tire so you don’t have to break the tire bead seating to work on it, works well enough even with stans race

Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter - save your floor pump gaskets if you have a stubborn tire and no compressor

And this for “fine tuning” Schwalbe Pro Ones


GP5000 are the go to tire for me an there predecessors GP4000


Panaracer Gravel King Slicks, not the fastest tire, but they can deal with gravel and bad roads. Real nice to run 50 psi.

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I was an early adopter of road tubeless, coming from MTB tubeless, and have been impressed with how thr technology has improved over the years. I’ve had great luck with Schwalbe Pro One tires and Stan’s valve stems and tape. It’s still a good idea to keep a lever and tube with you just in case, as well as a tire plug kit. Also, it will really help to have an air compressor to mount the tires more easily. While you may not need it, it will be easier. Make the leap, you won’t regret it!

You don’t state whether you need road/gravel/MTB tires. In any event, I run Schwalbe for road/gravel. The new redesigned Pro 1 is unreal…significantly better than the previous gen. For gravel I use the G-One/G-One Speed, depending on conditions (30 for hero gravel; 35 for gnarlier stuff). On my dirt bike I run Maxxis Ikons. Excellent tire. I prefer the Finish Line sealant. It lasts a long time and doesn’t dry up.

+1 on the bead jack. For the first install on my road Enve wheels sometimes I have to reach for the jack.

Should also mention that getting the tires on the rim is not easy. I have tried that bead jack, bit I keep going back to my steel core tire levers. I have not damaged my carbon rims…yet.

I don’t think I missed it but what wheels? Hookless vs hook would make a difference, hookless taking out a number of options.

I’ve really been happy with the GP5000 but new wheels I have coming are hookless so I’m switching to Pro One. Just a roadie here.

So it is for my road bike. I already have tubeless rims and based on feedback am going to go with the GP 5000’s since I have used those before on the same bike although not tubeless. Going to give Excel Sports a call tomorrow. Might see what their price is for a new Wahoo Bolt since my old Garmin 520 took a crap on me today :frowning:

Thanks for all of the great feedback on tires and tools. Such a great group.


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