Shingles & Training?

Good Morning,
I’m half way through Summer CX training plan and found out this morning I have shingles. Seems a lot of diverse opinions regarding continuing to train at a high level or taking it really easy and letting your body recover from this. I was planning for a later season cyclocross run anyway but any advice on if its recommended to just chill and ride easy or continue with the plan as expected? Cyclocross is my main season so this has taken a little wind of out my sails. Many thanks:). I would add that I am knocking on 50 years old if that makes any difference.

Aw man, sorry - that is no fun. How do you feel?

Although this training tip was not written specifically for Shingles , it does capture the more overarching sentiment and question I’ld put back to you, “what does your doctor suggest?”

Your Dr is the boss and we as coaches always defer to what they advise first. Then you can bring a question with their advisement to an internet forum :wink:

Hope you feel better soon!

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@jusmooit sorry to hear that :frowning: I had shingles in early 2020… here was my experience: I could train moderately, but if I over-reached on a single day it would put me in a state of deep fatigue the next several days. Several weeks after the treatment plan I tried to do a training block. The outward symptoms were gone. I started the block with a 4 hour Zone 2 ride. I felt fine on the ride, but the next day I was super tired and my training block was over. Ultimately it took a couple of months to feel normal again. For me I needed naps and extra sleep. It really took a toll. Hope you have a speedy recovery my friend!

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