SBT GRVL race plan

Will you guys be updating the 2019 SBT GRVL race plan for 2020? Maybe you learned something in 2019? :wink:
Thanks, George

Hi @gsquibbiv - we learned TONS about the course as you may have listened to here:

and most recently about the singletrack section here:

From a training perspective, tho, the same principles apply: you need to be able to ride 140 miles as fast as you can. That means all the ‘stuff’ - gravel simulation rides, sweet spot, more sweet spot and with a well balanced, sensibly designed training plan. IOW there will be no updates to the plan (its perfect :ok_hand:. ha!

What I will say is you want to train your ass off this winter and spring and here’s the plan to do it (before you follow our SBTG plan):

Thanks, I’m on it…

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