Ramp vs. 20 minute with anemia

Hi community. My ramp test puts me at 252 FTP while a field test has me about 230. I’m 5’8" 143. I have a low hematocrit (39) and sometimes I’m a little anemic from Crohn’s Disease. Is it reasonable to guess that my ramp is better because my VO2 is good, but I get tired doing 20 minutes?


If you get tired doing 20 minute intervals what do you think you could do for a 60 minute effort which would be your true FTP. The problem with the ramp test is that it allows you to use your anaerobic power and if you are strong at this it will over inflate your true FTP.

You have to ask yourself if you believe you could do 252 watts for 60 minutes or 230 watts for 60 minutes. That is your functional threshold power.

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Thank you! Marks sense. Do you think biologically I am predisposed to sucking at longer efforts? I am sure other people might be in similar situation.

Some people are better at the shorter paced efforts and some are better at the longer ones. It’s physiological and the type of muscle fibers you have really plays a factor. Sounds like you have a really good anaerobic engine and are more of a sprinter. Nothing wrong with that. You can work on improving your ability to do longer efforts. But also don’t forget to play up to your strengths!

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