Field test vs TrainerRoad ftp

Hi all, just did my first 20 min field test and got an ftp of 295W, which is drastically down from the AI detected 328w from TR, does this imply my training needs to focus on endurance more? I’ve been gearing up for crit season

Hey @Cravery86,
Not necessarily.
TR’s AI detected threshold is an estimate and may be skewed high if you’ve been doing a lot of high intensity training in preparation for crit racing.
On the other hand, your 20 min field test may give you a seemingly low FTP because if you’ve been focusing on short efforts for crit racing, your sustained power may be down and not indicative of your high end fitness. I would use the field test result to set your zones, and then ignore the numbers for any high intensity workouts (zone 5 or above) because your power may well be above what those zones “should” be. And those workouts are meant to be done basically all out anyway, so you shouldn’t be holding back in order to adhere to those zones. That way, you’ll be in the right zones for the workouts targeting Z2-4, and for the higher intensity ones, you don’t need zones so it doesn’t matter!