Question on 9 ways to increase HRV

I read this today:

and spotted this:


Exposing your body to cold temperatures for brief periods of time, such as with a cold shower or ice bath, will stimulate the vagus nerve, which activates the parasympathetic branch of your autonomic nervous system and controls heart rate variability. It might sound goofy, but give it a try for three consecutive days and see if your HRV goes up. You can also massage the vagus nerve at the back of your neck if you are not into subjecting yourself to frigid temperatures.

right before I went outside to pick some cherry tomatoes for my salad:

So I checked the pool temp, and it was 56F. And I had a 2 hour endurance ride coming up, and I do love a dip in the pool even if it was going to be dark and 55F when I got home.

After taking a quick post-ride Wim Hof bath, maybe a minute total although I only stayed underwater for 5 seconds, I have some questions for the Big Cat:

  • are water temps of 56F too warm for this tip? Some might call it an ice bath, but thats like jumping into the ocean near Santa Cruz
  • how long do I need to stay in the water to stimulate the vagus nerve?
  • what if I did it after my remaining workouts this week? that would make it Wed, Fri, Sat this week?

Is there some science to read, or do I need to sign up for Wim Hof’s program?

Enquiring minds want to know!

I’d guess an ice bath is < 55F but on the other hand a cold shower is > 32F

The ice baths you see these days are roughly 32-34F.

In any case - try it and see if that doesn’t nudge your HRV up - you are your own lab of one. Also try the other 8 techniques!

Give yourself lab of one 1-2 weeks and even 3-4 months to noticed significant movements upwards

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Pool sounds better than an ice bath!!!

I’ll experiment and report back.

looks like you were also prepping for a tubeless install :joy:

Yup, just finished installing it. New chain too.