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Are all training plans now on subscription?



Hey Col,

All of our training plans are available with the subscription! You can view all of the plans in the app and we are happy to send the plan to your TrainingPeaks as well.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


We lowered our prices and developed new sports science technology that combines power and wearable data.

When you subscribe you get all of our plans

For example, you may subscribe to our 16 weeks of sweet spot plan for $34.99 - previously $115

:boom: Unlimited Access to our Entire Training Plan Library, Workouts, Meal Plans and Recipes

:calendar: Includes Training Plans in Optimize and/or TrainingPeaks

:fire: Optimize your Power and Wearable Data Visualization

:raising_hand_woman: in App Coaching Support: a FasCat Coach will respond, 1x1, in 30 minutes or less

:man_biking: Discount on Ventum GS1 & NS1 Bikes

:battery: Discount on Stages Powermeters

:money_with_wings: Subscribe 1 Year & Save 34%

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Your subscription renews on a monthly or annual basis

:telephone_receiver: Coaching Call after staying subscribed for 3 months (30 minute consultation)

:moneybag: FREE Month of Coaching after staying subscribed for 12 months (4 week custom training plan + data analysis)

Sorry, I don’t think I asked the question correctly.
In the past, I purchased plans as and when I needed them without a monthly fee. I would like to purchase new plans the same way. Is this no longer an option? Do I have to subscribe to get new plans?



Apologies: yes, you must subscribe to get the new plans. We do not sell single plans anymore

Is subscribing for a month enough to get the 16 weeks of sweet spot plan on trainingpeaks? Doesn’t the subscription has to last the whole duration of the plan? (16 weeks would then be 4 x $34.99)


This occurred to me too. Unless the FasCat team says otherwise, I think that’s how the new business plan works. As long as you stay subscribed, the plan stays in TP. Once you drop your subscription, the plan disappears. It’s kind of a rental. As Frank said, there are other “value added” components to the subscription that could make it worth your while, but you don’t own the plan anymore. Correct me if I’m wrong FasCat crew. Just surmising here.

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As long as you stay subscribed, the plan stays in TP.

If this is the case, then it seems no longer a working man’s training plan… for those that are budget crunched. Just another subscription. I think many of us are feeling subscription fatigue.


This is the working man’s ‘coaching lite’ – an incredible value if you ask me for what you get here in this forum, in app coaching questions, deals on gear, nor the need to subscribe to TrainingPeaks.

Plus you get to new features from your data from an innovative company developing features and new sport science technology to bring you a new and improved training platform. We are not a static cookie cutter eCommerce company anymore - we are improving the status quo.

You can’t buy watts but you can buy faster with FasCat. You buy the carbon bike, the high end wheels, clothing, glasses, and all that for a whole LOT more but what could be worth more than beating your friends on the group ride or your health and wellness?

Also - this is my favorite quote from Benjamin Franklin :point_down:

Bne Franklin quote

So, Training Peaks is included? Seems like I always ended up paying for it after the first month when purchasing the plans. Has this changed with Optimized? Can you use either Whoop or Oura without subscription and capture data to Optimized? I need to find ways to cut out subscription costs from my budget… $420 / year is a big investment for a non-racer, recreation athlete.

Also, the free Yoga Glo membership never worked and Excel Sports no longer offers the discount. Both are disappointments.


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its is $299 if you do the yearly all at once or you may do monthly and unsubscribe whenever you want

We give you a 30 day Premium TrainingPeaks code like we have always. You do not need to keep paying if you do not want. You may follow your plan in Optimize exclusively. TrainingPeaks will make you pay if you want to use their features (export to Zwift, bike computer, etc…)

Whoop and Oura are subscriptions - Garmin and Apple Watch are not. Our Apple Watch Integration is coming out soon !

But you also don’t need sleep and HRV to follow a plan - your power data will drive the needle too. Heart Rate data in the coming months as well

Just to clarify, if we want Zwift integration, we’ll have to subscribe to TP? Can Optimize users download workouts from the app in order to upload them to Zwift so we can use that platform?

As a reminder - we give you a TrainingPeaks premium code to use for FREE for one month and then a 20% discount code to use thereafter if you want.

Ok. I’m just trying to get a handle on total costs here. FasCat pushes Zwift hard as a training tool. But in order to use it for FasCat workouts the easy way with TP integration, we’ll need a subscription to Training Peaks, albeit discounted. Another option would be to simply replicate the workouts with Zwift’s Custom Workout builder. That seems pretty inefficient, though. The TP integration is money. Please correct the above if it’s wrong.

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Pretty sure TrainingPeaks free will send workouts to Zwift. The big limitation with free is that you can’t easily make plan adjustments like inserting a week of last minute work travel and moving entire weeks. And limited analysis tools.

You can make workout adjustments to today and tomorrow.

That is my memory from using TP free in early 2020.

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From the Premium page: Premium | TrainingPeaks

the “Download Workouts to Your Training Device” appears under Basic/Free.

Hope that helps/works.


Yeah, agree with bsquared here. I am on basic TrainingPeaks currently and my workouts from my FasCat plans synch over automatically.


Got it. I use TP for more than just syncing with Zwift. FasCat Coaching has taught me well. I pay close attention to CTL and Form, and I often adjust my workouts based on how I feel. I’m a masters athlete, and recovery is the big variable in my training. Being able to tweak my intervals/workouts on TP is key.

That said, I think I understand what FasCat is doing with the new biz plan. It seems far more sustainable and dynamic than the old model. But I bought all the training plans I need for this season, and like I said, the FasCats taught me well on how to use TP as a training tool. I listen to the podcasts, and I read the blogs. That information has been a game changer. Thanks FasCats. You’ve transformed me from a recreational cyclist to an amateur athlete.

I’m registered for the Blue course in Steamboat gravel this coming August. I’ll need some help tweaking my calendar when I’m done with my sweet spot phase. At that point, I’ll probably hire a coach for a few months. Until then, FTFP, but with fun and flexibility!

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