Optimising hill interval schedule

Please advise me how to scale up endurance and speed using a mix of zone 4-5 and zone 2.

I’ve mainly done hill intervals and 1 hour trail runs for the last 15 years, weekend stuff, not a lot of volume (had a few years of 3-4 hour hike runs every weekend). Had last year off with Achilles and ankle problems mainly caused by impact accident at work. Last 10-11 weeks have done weekly hill repeats, increasing every week…… started walking 150 steps in 2/12 minutes (up and down) X 5. Then moved to tougher routes…Today I did 16 with mostly running, in 43minutes. Last week 15X on a slightly harder course in 44 minutes. Near my maximum effort.

Lately added Tue. and Thur. treadmill (incline 15%, walk at 5km/hr)1 hour zone 2.

Different choices here- running and walking the steps, up and down asap - no break

**1 minute 10 fast repeats X 30 (1 set of stairs, mainly speed)

**1 minute 50 fast repeats X 20-30 (2 sets of stairs, speed and endurance)

**3-4 minute repeats X15.

**6 minutes straight up, kind wife meets & drives down and go up again…so that’s 2 minute break X 5, and 5 minutes would be at constant max effort

**3 minute repeats of sprint 50 meters to hill, run up, run down.

How should I structure my workouts to keep improving quickly? I don’t want to plateau.

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