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Hi, I’ve just signed up for some training plans, starting with the 3 week fall foundation, based on your recommendation following my query. I’ve put it on training peaks and am waiting for to accept the coach invitation.

Looking at the CTL curve, I’m concerned that it is flat-lining in comparison to my steady progress over the past 3-months.
Does this plan need tweaked to suit my starting point and/or is it the correct plan?

Hi Tony!

So the fall foundation plan is not about building fitness or ramping up your CTL. It is about putting in a foundation for the whole season. Really just to begin putting in some muscle tension work that will prepare your leg muscles for the resistance training phase. Also you will not really be building up CTL during the resistance training phrase as that is about building strength.

Once you get to the sweet spot training phase that is when we want to see the true CTL build. That is when we are building the aerobic engine and see a steady increase.

You can not build CTL all year long. It will only go so high and then you will plateau and trying to hold that plateau can lead to fatigue, burn out and etc. You want to hit this peak CTL much closer to your A race which isn’t to the middle of the summer. So in the meantime we work on maintenance, limiters, strength training and etc.

Also looks like you are continuing with some good training so your starting point of your CTL is already at a pretty decent point. You are not starting from 0.

Ok, thanks Jake.
With regards to the ‘Nino’ routine that is tucked into the plan, its not practical to do that in a gym right now as there is no space due to the equipment being spaced out to achieve ‘social distancing’ between users. Is there a more regular routine you can suggest using regular gym equipment?


@tony_gallacher - you gotta improvise and get creative for the Nino’s routine.

Read the training tip and adapt that to what you have at home.

Nino’s Secret Training is so specialized that most traditional gyms do not have the required equipment.

Inspiration & Explanation:

You can set up your own home gym and do Nino’s secret circuit training with these 12 items (includes links to buy):

  1. Skateboard
  2. Old handlebar
  3. Box jump
  4. Swiss ball
  5. Hula Hoop!!
  6. Barbells, 2kg’s
  7. Pedalo
  8. Medicine ball (2kg) with rope
  9. Bike balance board
  10. Revolution Balance Board
  11. Viper Tube, 5kg
  12. Weighted Sliders - use a 5 or 10 lb weight same as you’d put on a squat bar
    You do not need any special equipment for the single legged split squat jumps. You can do planks. You can do crunches. Box Jumps on stairs, etc…

If you do buy one thing buy the Revolution Balance Board. Do your YogaGlo and Foundations too.

There’s lots and lots you can work on at home without having to goto a gym

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Thanks Frank. I’ll see what i can pull together. I do prefer the gym as I have limited space in my home, and the gym is only a minute away. Balance Board on order .

One other thing on the training. My goal is to be able to complete a MTB Marathon of 86km with a substantive climbing component of 4500m. That’s why I’ve come to you for the training plans.
However, I’m very also conscious that I have let my running ability almost disappear over the past few years , which is bothering me as I was originally a runner and always enjoyed it.
After some over-enthusiastic efforts at returning to running, I have started to fit in some short low intensity runs to get some ability back. My current efforts are 5km at a HR of 125 (180-age) 3 times a week.

How long can I keep this up, if at all, without compromising my MTB training plan and marathon goal?
( After the MTB marathon in June 2021, I am planning to train for an ironman)




The more variables you throw into the mix the more variables there will be in regards to recovery and ability to execute workouts. It sounds like running is something that you prioritize, but adding in training stress will take its toll in one way or the other, so you will need to weigh that with your goal of completing a marathon.
We recommend not adding on to the training plan so that you can #FTFP

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Thanks Isaiah, I’ll leave out the running then.

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