Ninos Alternative

Doing my best to Ftfp, Is there an alternative to the Nino’s workout? Sorry but it seems overly complicated and requires WAY too much specialized equipment.


The Nino circuit is an “extra credit” workout for sure. In this case I would recommend the Yoga as a good introduction, then bosu ball work is a great stepping stone. You can start with single leg squats (without the ball first) then once you have that mastered progress to bosu ball squats and single leg squats and progress to more advanced exercises from there.

I agree. I’m on the strength program and the Nino’s part is tricky to work in at the gym. I’ve been doing more balance/strength training with the bosu instead. I like the Viper swipe too.

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Other then the space needed in the gym which you might not have, all the Nino exercises are pretty easy to customize and do something comparable. You still need a balance board or one of those balance platforms with the squishy ball on one side, 2 dumbbells and potentially a couple light plates for one of the exercises. But otherwise I made 17 exercises that essentially mimic Nino’s video without needing any of the special equipment in his vid.

I work with a guy who uses a board and pipe to do the balance drills, I’m sure it works well, especially if you find the right surface to match your available materials and ability.

^^^ Exactly. I have said before if you want to buy one thing, buy the Balance Board:

Super good and a fu challenge. If you have kids they’ll like it as well!

I’d be interested in what you use in place of the Pedalo, bike balance board and that machine thing he does in #14.

There are some things in here you could do as well:


I don’t worry too much about the Pedalo to be honest but you could sub in some other stabilization exercise, though I think there are plenty in that circuit as it is, without that movement.

Inchworms maybe–>[](http://Inchworm Exercise)

For the “bike balance board” I move my feet around on the regular balance board and try to mimic a position more like I’d use on a downhill.

I use the simpler list here on the Fascat site that I don’t believe includes that pulling movement but it looks easy enough to mimic with bands or a cable machine at the gym, maybe a ski erg if you have access to one.

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If any of these don’t make sense just let me know and I’ll clarify. They make sense to me because I know what I’m saying but not be clear to others.

Pedalo replacement: I do two different things to replace the pedalo exercises.
1 - Mountain climbers: Both hands on some type of balance board. Feet straight out like you’re going to do a pushup. Bring your right foot/knee up towards your waist/chest, then as you move your right foot back to position, bring your left foot up at the same time. Keep going, one forward and one moving back at the same time while balancing.
(I also have a balance thing that is half a yoga ball on one side and a flat surface on the other. Not sure it’s actual name. I use that at work and it works fairly well as a replacement)

2 - Inchworms. I start like they do in the video but with my feet on a balance board, balance board definitely makes it much tougher. I also hold on to light dumbbells of 5lbs. I don’t stand back up like the video shows. So I start at the “V” position as close to my legs as I can and move each hand forward until I’m in a position similar to a pushup, then I slowly “inch” my way back towards my feet. Then back out again, not standing straight up in between each one.

Bike balance board - The squat he does on the yoga ball hits a lot of the small muscle groups. But the sphere that comes with the revolution balance board and then holding a weight out in front of you like he does on the yoga ball hits very similar muscle groups. I use a kettle ball but type of weight would work. Variations to that would be holding the weight directly out in front of you, attaching a weight to a handlebar like he does, or even holding dumbbells stretched out to your side. With the sphere that comes with the Revo, it’s going to hit all the same small muscle fibers in your legs and you could do the above standing on the balance board parallel or turned to the side like he shows at the 5:12 mark in the video.

Machine in #14 replacement - I’ll give you an easy version if you only have dumbbells at home. There are some things you could do at a gym with machines, if you have access to that let me know and I’ll add that info.

  • With dumbbells, this would be similar to what’s called a “good morning” exercise but with more motion so it’s not such a static exercise. I don’t completely like the version in the video but it gives you some reference for part of the motion. Start bent over WITH your knees bent and shoulder width apart, like you might going downhill on a mtb. Dumbbell in each hand on the ground if you can reach or just off the ground. Pull the dumbbells up towards your chest without moving your back or bent knees. Stand straight up just using your lower back, important to keep your legs locked so your legs aren’t lifting the weight. Then from there you have a couple options. Lift the weight straight up over your head but I like to add a twist to engage your core. So as I’m lifting I turn/twist to my right hip, the next time I do it I turn to my left as I’m lifting the weight up. Knees should still be slightly bent through all the motions, engages all of your leg muscles to stabilize you the entire time.

To finish that rep, repeat the motion but going backwards. So bring weight back down to around your chest, lower your upper body back towards the floor using your lower back only. Bring the weight down towards the floor. Do each motion in a somewhat slow, controlled manner.

Variation: Instead of initially bringing the weight up towards your chest, you could bring the weight along the sides of your body, it’ll engage more of your shoulders and upper back. Not a bad idea to mix it up each time.

  • I like to do this exercise with a round plate from the gym, I find it easier to hold onto but dumbbells will work great if that’s what you have at home. Anything that’s 20 - 40lbs you have at home that isn’t too bulky would work too.

Hope this isn’t too much info. I tend to over explain :joy: but let me know if there’s anything you need clarification about. I used to design my own workouts before I got back into cycling, so I’ve forgotten more things then I remember.


Pedalo alternative:

It was $49 with shipping in the US