Gravel Skills Podcast

Ask and ye shall receive Coalition Members - thanks to @bsquared (I think) for the inspiration for this podcast topic.

I talk about the perspective to have and the skills to bring which are:
In this podcast, Coach Frank covers:

  • pack riding skills
  • maintaining a line of sight
  • body position and english on the bike
  • braking
  • cornering
  • descending
  • roots and mud

Listen here:

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@FRANK thank you!!!

Last weekend on 26c tires with the bike Cancellara/Trek built for the Spring Classics:



Looks rideable without the possibility of a face plunge :muscle:


Thanks again for the podcast, helped me tweak a few things and have a lot more confidence for my “Spring 2020” event that was rescheduled 3 times due to the pandemic (Nova Eroica California). Event was finally held on Saturday, and I rode my Tarmac SL7 ‘one bike to rule them all.’ Pic from my ride start on Moonstone Beach:

running Specialized Roubaix Pro 30/32 tires that measured out to 37mm on Roval Terra wheels (25mm internal width). The guys on the flat/windy Wed night worlds have had a good laugh the last 3 weeks while the tires were breaking in. Fit was a bit tight at the chainstays:

but these were perfect for the ‘gravel’ climbs:

I had submitted questions for podcast #16 and #18, and believe that led to you recording the Gravel Skills podcast. As a road rider, I was a little concerned about two technical gravel descents, here is the top of the second one with the Pacific Ocean 11 miles away:

Very technical 1.3 miles dirt/gravel at -9% average gradient although there were a couple 12-15% sections that required heavy braking to navigate on a road bike with those tires. On Sunday they held the Eroica California with riders on 1987 or earlier road bikes, saw a lot of classic bikes and Campy over the weekend! The thought of skinny tires on that descent makes me want to :scream:

Thanks again, and I also wanted to give big props to @Isaiah for all he does to make me faster!



Yea @bsquared way to channeling your jedi piloting skills and thanks for the kudos on the podcast :muscle:

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