Best nutrition books for cycling

Hi everyone,

what’s the best book around about nutrition for sports, and cycling in particular, in your opinion?

I’ve read some, but haven’t found anything outstanding…



I’ve heard The Endurance Diet is good

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I have written 10 nutrition and weight loss training tips here:

Each could be a chapter in a book. They are my principles of nutrition and weight loss for your cycling performance.

If I had to pick one, I’d recommend you start with our #WinningInTheKitchen podcast :broccoli::leafy_green::apple::green_salad:


Allen Lim’s original Feed Zone cookbook has a good section in the beginning that nicely summarizes succinctly the basics of sports nutrition as it relates to cycling. I’m a big fan of Stacy Sims as well and her new book Roar is fantastic for female athletes. If you want to get really nerdy I’m currently reading Asker Jeukendrup and Michael Gleeson’s textbook Sports Nutrition which covers everything you need to know basically. I always recommend this article by Dr. Louise Burke which is a great read. The book Endure by Alex Hutchinson is also super interesting and covers nutrition in addition to a lot of other factors for endurance sports.

I echo what @FRANK says about winning in the kitchen, and also will shamelessly plug my own sports nutrition focused podcast, In The Flow :wink:


Wow, that’s great! Thanks Jackson!

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Hi Jackson- A good question for the podcast maybe to discuss the nutritional recommendations of Stacy Sims for women and/or and her recommendations for altering your training plan with your cycle to optimize performance. I tried her nutritional recommendations (1g Omega3’s, 250 mg Mg, 50 mg Zn and 81mg aspirin during high hormone phase and it really helped with heat tolerance. The downside–after a hard training ride I got a 10 hr nosebleed that I had to go to the ER to stop. Full workup showed I was ok (no underlying pathology) so…the aspirin is likely. Dana aka…Ms. K-Dogg.


Link for 10 nutrition articles not working. Where can I find the tips?

I like the philosophy of Matt Fitzgerald’s “Racing weight”. The basis is what top athlete’s actually do.
Your racing weight isn’t a fixed body composition, it’s what you actually reach at your peak performance combined with generally healthy eating. Of course there’s a lot more information than that in the book.

Ah yes - we changed the url from ‘weight loss’ to ‘nutrition’ - here you go:

Hi Frank, thanks for prompt reply.
I am working through these tips as well as the winning in kitchen podcast.

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