High Heart Rate?

I’m 37 and have been riding for 4 years now. It’s July and I’ve ridden 3-5 times a week with over 2,500 miles at this point. As I’ve ridden with more and more people, I’ve noticed my heart rate is crazy high comparatively to others of similar age and fitness. For a 1.5 hour group ride I average about 168 bpm with a wahoo tickr. Resting heart rate is 54 and max is 197. It’s nearly impossible for me to do an endurance ride and keep my heart rate under 160 for any length of time. I feel as strong and healthy on the bike as I’ve ever been, but curious how others in similar situations adapt training, or cope with the higher heart rate? cause for concern? Thanks!

Hey Eric!
Heart rate is extremely individualistic and it also can vary a lot. I also have a high HR and during a group ride can easily average 160-170 bpm for 3+ hours, where as my friends will be 20 beats lower (and I am very fit). That said, I do find that certain things cause my HR to be higher including caffeine, adrenaline/excitement, taking my asthma medicine and when I train in the heat. I often overthink my HR numbers just like you and have found that taking my HR data off of my head unit during a race helps. I know what each zone feels like and know that with all the things that come with racing (namely the adrenaline) that my HR will not accurately reflect the power I am putting out.

Considering that you feel healthy and that there is not a significant variance in your HR - I do no think that it is too much to be concerned about.


HI Eric! I’m in the same boat. I’m 40 years old, RHR is mid 50s and I max out at 211bpm. I’ve always had a high max HR and just adjust my HR zones accordingly. Z2 for me is 140-160 range which seems high for others but is pretty relaxed for me. As long as your HR is in the range of where it should be relative to you, I wouldn’t worry about it.