Level 2 Heart Rate Training Endurance Level

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Can you please recommend me what should I select for a HR “all day training”

HR should be calculated from:

Heart rate zone 2: “HRmax is 159%” or "Threshold Heart Rate" is 139%
Is the 60–70% from the HR MAX or the Threshold must be calculated for the L2 HR measurement?
Is the 60% -70% is the correct values for the Level 2 HR calculation?

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There’s an excel spreadsheet in TrainingPeaks attached to your ftp test workout. You can enter your test results and it’ll spit out your power and HR zones

Hi Chad,
Many thanks for your information. I am aware of the excel sheet, but my calculation is not corresponding
If i use the excel i do not even break a sweat if I do my calculation falling between Zone ¾
Even by a light jogging my heart rate would be higher than what I would need to perform
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Hi Chad, BTW many thanks for your assistance i truly appriciated

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Are you using a 20 min ftp test as the basis for your HR zones? If you’re using regular rides you might not have truly maxed out during the workout though I’m not entirely clear if you feel your bike hr zones are too low (“not breaking a sweat”) or if your run zones seem too high (“light jog”).

If you are basing off a good effort 20 min test it’s possible that during that ride the summer heat caused your HR to be higher than usual, my rides are setting all kinds of 2021 HR peaks because of the heat.

You’ll get a solid feel for where your threshold lies after doing some longer zone 4/over under workout efforts… you can “feel” when the hurt shifts to anaerobic overloading your cardio and straining your legs and then back over the threshold to relieve legs and let your cardio calm back down a bit before going again. Also if you’re using a garmin device it’ll prompt you to update your HR zones sometimes, i still get prompts occasionally that might suggest a threshold HR of a few points different (+/- 2-3 beats) than current so I figure it’s pretty close to accurate. When you’ve done a couple ftp tests your threshold HR should be fairly stable across them and won’t fluctuate as much as power over time.

Many thanks for your response

Yes, i am using my 20 min FTP details before and my SS1234 plan and the polarized

My heart rate never going near the 161-mark whatever effort I put in

but working on the Zone 2 with 91 to 100 bpm is far too low

Heath in this country is a dream (HEHEHEHEHE) Ireland

After 3 hours continues ride my heart is not maxing

So, you can see my efforts are high my legs are “DEAD” but my upper body heart and respiratory functions are not limiting

That is my confusion my low resting HR is 44 complete rest is 38 but during high effort will not reach near the MAX.

And that is the reason i thought the calculations are invalid for me as working Level 2 threshold as on the Excel is 96-115 looks to me far too low

But for sure I fully understand what you are saying and I will try to follow the recommendations