Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Value


Just for reference, been a loyal FasCat #ftfp’er for 4+ years… CX only. And every since I’ve been measuring my Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Value through FTP tests and racing, its always been 162, 163.

In my past few races (60 minutes), I’ve noticed my LTHRV was 168-170. Been warm (75°). These values have happened a few times now so I see a trend. What does a higher LTHRV imply? I thought it was supposed to go down as we age (I’m 44). Hahaha.

-Benjamin Button

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that you are fresh and pushing yourself very hard (good job)!

This is where power output trumps heart rate as an indicator of improvement


Thanks, Coach @FRANK ! Makes sense… my NP was 25W higher than its ever been. Been LIVING the mantra you taught us… “watts wins races”