Heart Rate question

Ok so I’m not a physiology person so I’m asking for your input.

I got an email from TrainingPeaks saying that my new HR threshold is 180 bpm. Previous TP had it set at 174.

Is this a good thing or is this something that should be a red flag? That seems like a really big number to me but I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Thanks everyone

It’s hard to say without looking at the data or past training / racing files?

Did you recently do a race or hard group ride? A field test? Something that would cause your threshold heart rate to be higher. All TrainingPeaks is doing is seeing what your peak 60 minute heart rate was or 95% of your 20 minute peak heart rate. So you recently had a ride that the number was great than 174 and came out to be 180

So look for that ride and see if there is any bad data in the file. Such as extended periods of 200 + bpm. Sometimes this can happen with heart rate monitors so it will make the data incorrect. Also if you have not ridding in a while or maybe coming off the resistance phase your heart rate maybe higher just because of your current fitness level.

It’s not a good thing or bad thing. It’s just given you a current baseline.

Also heart rate can be effected by other factors, caffeine, sleep, heat and etc. If indoors your heart rate could have been higher than it normally is.

So if that number seems high for your threshold than it probably is. But if you keep getting notifications of it getting higher than you should adjust it. You can also use your perceived exertion to go along with heart rate to see if it lines up.